Top Italian insurance provider, Reale Mutua, modernizes legacy application portfolio with Oracle and COBOL-IT

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Paris, Tuesday, 15 September 2015






The Reale Mutua insurance company has chosen a joint bid from Oracle and COBOL-IT for the modernization of its enterprise COBOL application portfolio. The joint bid satisfied Reale Mutua’s requirements for reliability, flexibility, and economy of scale.

Founded in 1828, Reale Mutua is the largest Italian mutual insurance company. With over 350 branches and 1300 employees, Reale Mutua provides insurance for more than 1.4 million members.


The need for a more flexible solution

In 2014, Reale Mutua made the decision to off-load a portion of their mainframe processing for the purpose of reducing expenses and modernizing their application with Oracle and COBOL-IT. The mutual insurance company found that this solution fully met its requirements and was in line with its objectives in terms of savings.

Following this success, Reale Mutua made the decision in early 2015 to modernize its entire application portfolio, including Batch, CICS and Application Development, with Oracle and COBOL-IT.


A long-standing partnership between Oracle and COBOL-IT

This project is one of the concrete results produced by the long-standing partnership between Oracle and COBOL-IT that dates back to the creation of COBOL-IT in 2008. Indeed, the World’s leading business software company has a history of investing in partnerships with providers of innovative technologies. It was therefore not surprising that Oracle would find a productive partnership with COBOL-IT’s experienced technical team.  In 2008, the two companies began working together on the integration of the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite with Oracle Tuxedo in order to provide the Enterprise Application Modernization market with an alternative to existing COBOL solutions.

Testing and fine-tuning the combination of these two technologies has continued in Oracle’s research laboratories, creating a complete and robust turnkey solution for enterprises migrating COBOL assets. The collaboration has been productive; to date they count more than 30 successful joint projects world-wide.


“The technology developed by COBOL-IT is very flexible, and provides significant cost savings when compared to the price of other COBOL providers. We have been working with COBOL-IT since its creation, and the combination of our solutions is now finely tuned. As a result, COBOL-IT is now a strategic partner with Oracle, and we have many joint on-going projects.” Said Lorenzo Cremona, Director, Product Management for Oracle Tuxedo



COBOL-IT is the first company to offer a high quality, professional COBOL compiler to large enterprises seeking to migrate, deploy and maintain their COBOL applications at the lowest cost and lowest risk.  Founded in 2008, COBOL-IT has rapidly assumed a position of leadership in the global COBOL community, migrating hundreds of customers, with hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of millions of lines of COBOL code.

With a robust product suite and a proven migration process, the company provides solutions that allow their clients to preserve the functionality of their strategic COBOL applications, with superior performance, agility and a significant reduction in costs. Technical Hubs located around the world allow COBOL-IT to guarantee that all of our clients have access to expert, responsive technical support.  Partnership agreements between COBOL-IT and the leading providers of technical services and software solutions in Open Systems ensure that moving to COBOL-IT can be accomplished at low cost and low risk everywhere in the world.

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