Lionel Taffe, Managing Director of Taffe, SA

” With the help of SOGETI and the COBOL-IT Technical team, Taffe SA was able to successfully transition from ACUCOBOL-GT to COBOL-IT, retaining all of the functionality of our application, without having to endure any down time. “

Taffe SA transitions from ACUCOBOL-GT to COBOL-IT

  INDUSTRY : Marine insurance   APPLICATION : Online and Batch Programs   COBOL-IT Solutions : COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition   PREVIOUS ENVIRONMENT : HP Server, Dual Core / SCO UNIX C-ISAM / UNIPLEX   NEW ENVIRONMENT : HP Server, Dual Core / Linux Red-Hat 4 C-ISAM / UNIPLEX   PREVIOUS COBOL : ACUCOBOL-GT   … Continued