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The COBOL-IT Developer Studio is an Eclipse-based development environment that allows you to develop, debug and maintain your legacy COBOL applications in a highly-configurable project-oriented environment.
Our goal is to provide you with an Eclipse-based tool for Development and Debugging on all of the platforms on which the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition is available.


An Eclipse-based development environment

  • Eclipse is the most widely-used development environment framework and benefits from a mature toolset, a well-developed knowledge base and broad portability.
  • In the Eclipse framework, the COBOL-IT Developer Studio provides the ablity to manage projects on all the Windows/Linux/UNIX platforms on which COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is available.
  • Project can be built, run, and run in debug on both local machines, and remote host machines.

A COBOL-aware Code Editor

  • The COBOL-IT Code Editor will reduce the number of errors you make while coding and reduce the time it takes to correct them.
  • The COBOL-IT Code Editor updates an Outline View of your code in real time, making it very easy to navigate within large source files.
  • The COBOL-IT Code Editor provides configurable hot keys, pre-defined code fragments easily inserted into your code, tab settings, line numbers, colorization and capitalization of reserved words, support for ANSI and Terminal source formats and more.

A Powerful Debugger

  • The COBOL-IT Debugger provides the ability to step, or run through source, manage breakpoins, monitor variables, and view variable values in hex or ASCII format.
  • The COBOL-IT Debugger can be configured to run with specific environment variables
  • When using a pre-compiler, the COBOL-IT Debugger may configured to debug original source code, or source code generated by the pre-compiler.
  • The COBOL-IT Debugger can be set to attach to a running process, and detached from the running process when debugging is complete.

A feature-rich, highly configurable Eclipse-based environment

Benefit from the broad portability, and ability to integrate the widest range of third-party tools into your Eclipse-based development environment.

Develop, Debug and Maintain your Application on local and remote hosts.

Use the Developer Studio to compile, run, and run in debug on any machine on which you have the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite installed.


Eclipse-based Development Environment COBOL-IT Developer Studio is certified on Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms for working on projects located on remote machines
Fully featured for the COBOL Developer The COBOL-IT Developer Studio includes the Developer Studio Perspective for work on local projects, a Remote System Explorer Perspective for work on remote hosts, and a Debugger Perspective for feature-rich debugging.
Highly configurable work environment Configure you workspace, populate your projects, set compiler flags and environment variables, and then build and run the programs in your application.
COBOL-aware Code Editor Create programming templates, program hot-keys, colorize reserved words. Easily identify and correct compiler errors.
Integrate source and data stored in a distributed computing environment Operates with files and folders on local or remote host machines.
Remote Systems Perspective Allows you to create COBOL Workspaces, Projects, and Programs on remote host machines, and use the local compiler, runtime and debugger.
Access External Utilities Maximizes the flexibility and adaptability of the development environment for the specific needs of the user.
Powerful string search functions Allows the user to quickly identify searched strings, and if necessary, modify source code.
Outline View automatically generated from source code Provides clickable entry points to specific points in the program, increasing the efficiency with which the programmer can navigate large source files.
Compiler Console view of the output from a Build Provides a familiar view on the workings of the compiler.
Debugger support for EBCDIC-encoded programs. Enhances debugging capabilities during transition from the mainframe.
Debugger support for UTF-8 protocol Provides the ablity to display values in Hex and in UTF-8 in the Variable and Monitor windows of the Debugger Perspective.
Support for third-party source code control systems Improves Development capabilities by providing interfaces for configuring source code control commands
Data Displayer Perspective for File Editing Open any indexed, relative, binary sequential or line sequential file in the Data Displayer in either Read-Only or Read-Write mode. Modify data in either ASCII or hex format.
Code Coverage Run your program with a Code Coverage Configuration, and collect information on lines of code executed by your application during a run cycle.
Debug using COBOL debugger or “C” debugger. Attach a “C” debugger and step through “C” source code, and return to the COBOL debugger to step through COBOL code in the same debugging session.