Our goal is to provide you with pre-compilers for MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC that you can integrate into your COBOL-IT Toolset, to further minimize your risks and costs.


Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC

  • CitSQL provides Pre-compilers for the latest versions of Open Source Databases MySQL and PostgreSQL and with the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard created by Microsoft.
  • The CitSQL for MySQL and CitSQL for PostgreSQL runtime components are designed to make native calls directly to the database ensuring the very highest level of performance possible.
  • The CitSQL for ODBC runtime component makes calls to the Microsoft ODBC interface which in turn can connect to Microsoft SQL Server.

Pre-Compiler and Runtime Components

  • CitSQL pre-compilers transform SQL statements into CALLs to functions in the CitSQL Runtime Component.
  • CitSQL provides different Runtime Components for the different databases, each of which is developed specifically for the target database.
  • The CitSQL Runtime Component is a DLL (Windows) or shared object (Linux/Unix) that is the target of the CALL statements produced by the CitSQL pre-compiler. No linking needs to be done.

Compatible with Developer Studio

  • CitSQL is compatible with COBOL-IT Developer Studio for purposes of editing precompiling, compiling and debugging.
  • The Developer Studio can be configured to recognize programs that require precompiling by their file extensions. The Developer Studio can be configured to include pre-processing in the compiler command and to run a selected script while pre-processing.
  • Compiler errors are stored in a Problems View and provide a simple clickable interface that returns to the line on which the compiler error was detected.

Compatible with COBOL-IT Debugger

  • When debugging your code inside the Developer Studio, you may elect either to debug the original source code or the source code generated by the pre-compiler.
  • To enhance debugging of programs with ESQL statements, CitSQL can be run in Log Mode to create a trace of SQL operations.

CitSQL provides a Family of Pre-compilers for Open Source databases and ODBC

Benefit from the use of the most popular Open Source databases, Oracle MySQL and PostgreSQL, as well as Microsoft SQL Server.

Develop, Debug and Maintain your embedded SQL source code in the Developer Studio.

Use the Developer Studio to pre-compile, compile, run, and run in debug on any machine on which you have the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite installed.


Run pre-compiler commands from a highly configurable resource file.Resource files support wildcard syntax that allows for short-hand designation of name and location of source files and can be used to apply multiple options to multiple files.
Runtime components make native calls to the databaseNative calls to the database provide the highest level of performance.
Intelligent handling of unrecognized SQL statementsDifferent databases can support their own extensions to deal with table spaces, indexing methods, special column types and more. CitSQL will pass along SQL statements directly to the database that it does not recognize. This greatly expands the ability of the pre-processor to work across multiple databases.
Application of Standard PrefixCitSQL allows the user to avoid collisions between generated variables and pre-existing variables with the application of a prefix to the generated variables. This eliminates the need to
resolve conflicts which can be time-consuming.
Supports multiple quoting conventionsAllows the user to use the same source code with different databases having different quoting conventions without changing the source code.
Allocate extra memory for pre-compiling of very large source files.Effectively removes limitations caused by memory when handling very large source files.
Log Mode to trace SQL operations for debugging purposes.Provides an effective debugging tool with a log file that contains a full record of SQL operations performed.
Provide output in “free” source formatAllows user to match output format to the source format that they prefer and which matches the corporate coding conventions.
The pre-compiled source code produced by CitSQL produces calls to the runtime component which is included with the product as either a (Windows) DLL or shared object ( Linux/UNIX).There is no need to statically link the runtime component to the program.
Integrated with the Developer Studio for purposes of pre-compiling and compiling and debugging.Provides users of CitSQL with all of the compiling, editing and debugging capabilities of the Developer Studio

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