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Pepsico Iberia has migrated over 1500 COBOLprograms from Micro Focus COBOL to COBOL-IT, with improvements in performance and a much lower costs. Pepsico Iberia moved their legacy application from an HP-UX operating environment to a Linux operating environment with COBOL-IT in an Enterprise Application Modernization initiative. Pepsico Iberia’s primary goals in moving their application to the Linux platform with COBOL-IT were to improve performance, and to reduce costs. The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite helped them achieve both goals.  The project was completed on time and achieved cost savings of close to 50%.

“We were very pleased with the support provided by the COBOL-IT team at Grupo SAME. With their help, we were very confident very quickly that our plans to migrate to COBOL-IT would proceed smoothly, and provide us with the cost savings we required.  Keeping pace with technological change is critical, and we’re happy to have COBOL-IT as a partner”

Daniel Roig – BIS SWE Compute Area Lead, Pepsico Iberia

Pepsico, a leader in the Convenience Foods and Beverage Industry

Pepsico Iberia is an industry leader in consumer products focused on convenience foods and beverages. Pepsico Iberia has production centers in Burgos, Murcia, Lobon, Carregado, Seville, Echavarri, Tafalla, and Mallorca.  Together they produce and sell the company brands, which include Lay’s, Ruffles, Doritos, Pepsi, 7-up, Gatorade, Tropicana and Alvalle.


A need for a higher value COBOL solution

Pepsico Iberia was undertaking a modernization initiative, and looking for opportunities to increase performance and cut costs. The Pepsico Iberia COBOL application consisted of 1500 COBOL programs,
and was being maintained using Micro Focus Server Express.

The costs associated with continuing to maintain their COBOL application with Micro Focus Server Express were incompatible with their budget constraints, so Pepsico Iberia elected to evaluate other solutions.

The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition provided the highest value in
terms of performance and cost, and was selected.

The Pepsico Iberia Software Application

The Pepsico Iberia application consists of 1500 COBOL programs, about half of which were generated by an IBM Pacbase code generator. Working with the COBOL-IT team at Grupo SAME in Barcelona, Spain, Pepsico Iberia completed the migration in less than 3 months.

Price, performance, and time-to market

“The value proposition of COBOL-IT is a combination of price, performance, and time-to-market.”, said Stephane Croce, CEO of COBOL-IT.  “On these measures, COBOL-IT consistently rates as the highest value, lowest risk solution on the market.”

ChallengeSolutionCustomer Benefits
Cost increases projected to rise to high levels.Migrate Pepsico Iberia software from Micro Focus COBOL, to COBOL-IT.Savings of close to 50%.
Limit costs associated with migration .Choice of ISO-standard COBOL-IT compiler, compatible with Pacbase-generated COBOL source code.Minimize complications in recompiling, completing migration in 3 months.
Replicate all functionality, with equivalent or better performance.Modernize on Enterprise Linux Server with COBOL-IT.Lower costs, and better performance.

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