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ORSUD Valley, an affiliate of the Caisse d’Epargne in France, specializes in Document Management services. ORSUD Valley was running their application on an IBM DOS/VSE system. When support for the mainframe was terminated, ORSUD Valley had to re-host rapidly, with no changes to their COBOL code.

They chose COBOL-IT for their low cost, high performance, and excellent technical services.

“We made the decision to migrate from our IBM Mainframe in April, 2011, and set an aggressive goal of being re-hosted on a Windows Server by the end of August, 2011.”

Bérangère Fruchet, IT Manager of ORSUD Valley.

ORSUD Valley

Located in Bordeaux, ORSUD Valley specializes in document ma- nagement, and the creation of magnetic stripe cards.

ORSUD Valley has developed a successful business helping custo- mers make their communications more efficient, and more effec- tive, while also helping them make their data storage simpler and more reliable. With their strong service orientation, they work clo- sely with their customers, and frame their solutions around their customers’ precise needs.

ORSUD Valley currently has 65 employees working in the Bordeaux region, and over 9 million € in revenue annually.

The ORSUD Valley software application

ORSUD Valley’s software application consists of 470 COBOL pro- grams that have been in development and maintenance since 1988.

On the IBM Mainframe, the entire application was maintained using the IBM COBOL 85 Compiler. Data storage was primarily in flat files.

As the team prepared the migration, they re-designed the user in- terface in DELPHI, running COBOL on the back end. Batch pro- grams were all re-compiled and run with the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition.

The entire task was accomplished in-house by ORSUD Valley’s de- velopment team over a 5-month time frame. The benefits from the Application Modernization included cost savings, and impro- ved performance. The Delphi front end enhanced the user expe- rience with a graphical user interface.

Choosing COBOL-IT

The ending of the maintenance contract on the IBM DOS/VSE Mainframe put ORSUD Valley in a situation where they had to make a strategic choice for their mission-critical COBOL applica- tion. In a short time-frame they had to complete their migration, and it was critical that the application function in an identical manner. There was neither time nor the desire to rewrite the COBOL code. The COBOL chosen had to meet rigid compatibility and performance requirements. It was understood that the move from the Mainframe to Windows would provide opportunities, but would also create challenges. It was critical that the COBOL-IT support team be responsive, and effective.

COBOL-IT proved to provide the best value, considering the low price, and highly responsive and expert technical staff.

With these constraints, ORSUD Valley had to choose between 3 different solutions: upgrading their mainframe, migrating with a proprietary COBOL compiler, and migrating with the Open Source solution provided by COBOL-IT. COBOL-IT was selected, as it provided a combination of high performance, high compatibi- lity, and responsive service. With the choice of COBOL-IT, ORSUD Valley realized substantial cost savings as well.

COBOL-IT also provides substantial savings

“ORSUD Valley found that the Windows operating environment provided them advantages from both a cost perspective and in the opportunities offered for application modernization. Their technical teams were able to make the transition in about 5 months, and we’re very pleased with the results.”

Stephane Croce, CEO of COBOL-IT. “


ChallengeSolutionCustomer Benefits
End of Maintenance on aging IBM MainframeMigrate ORSUD Valley’s Document Management Software from IBM DOS/VSE Mainframe to Windows 2008 Server.Significant cost savings, and improved performance.
“Green Screen” front-endRedesign the front-end portion of the application in Delphi, communicating with COBOL on the backend.Improved user experience, without changing any of the core COBOL that contains the company business rules.
Identical functionalityRecompile with the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition.Lower costs, lower risks