Large toy retailer consolidates Mainframe and Open Systems COBOL applications on Linux, AIX, and Z/Linux platforms with COBOL-IT.

November 10, 2015 by Case study

An industry-leading toy retailer has consolidated all of its Mainframe and Open Systems-based COBOL applications, and re-hosted its solution stack on Linux, AIX, and z/Linux servers using COBOL-IT.

With over 100,000 employees, the toy retailer generates over $12 billion USD in annual revenues, and has millions of customers world-wide. Their COBOL applications were distributed across multiple platforms, and maintained using a combination of COBOL compilers from Micro Focus, IBM, and Unisys. Future directions required that the applications be consolidated, and maintained with a single COBOL compiler. Primary motivations included reducing costs of ownership and maintenance. Requirements included reduced costs, identical functionality, low-level testing for identical results, and equal or better performance.

The applications were a collection of batch programs that stored sales data in Oracle and DB2 databases and provided a full range of reporting functionalities. Consisting of 200 programs and over 400,000 lines of code, the batch application ran nightly inside very tight time windows. The migration was scheduled in stages, with separate testing required to validate the migration of each of the COBOL compilers to COBOL-IT. Tests were run against Oracle and DB2 databases. Stress testing for performance was also critical and demonstrated faster execution times in many cases.

Cost savings targets were all met, as the migration was completed in 6 months. Costs of COBOL-IT subscriptions provided significant savings when compared against all of the original COBOL compilers.

“The key to the success of this migration was COBOL-IT’s ability to demonstrate compatibility with Micro Focus, Acucobol, IBM, and Unisys COBOL compilers. We succeeded in consolidating all of the previous platforms and compilers, maintaining the data in Oracle and DB2 databases, and providing superior performance. This was a terrific success story.”

Dave Murphy, Managing Partner, ESI


ChallengeSolutionCustomer Benefits
High costs from maintaining multiple COBOL compilers on multiple platforms.Consolidate the platforms, and use a single COBOL-IT
compiler for all applications
Lower costs, easier maintenance, and better performance
Very tight batch windowsPerformance-testing of all components.Improved performance, providing additional flexibility.
Oracle and DB2 databasesDetailed test plan, with collaboration of partnersSuccessful demonstration of preservation of functionality at the lowest level.



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