COBOL modernizatin

Created in 2008, COBOL-­IT is an innovative Enterprise rapidly growing on the IT market.

With a flexible business model, C­OBOL-IT builds on the best assets of each member of the team. This is where its strength comes from.

We cultivate Ingenuity, Reactivity and Audacity

Operating in a continuously evolving sector and facing a customer base with a new way of consuming software, we are recruiting to expand our team globally.

expand COBOL-IT team
COBOL modernization

Ready to take up the challenge?

Whether you are:

  • A sales expert
  • A programming language guru (Java, C++, …)
  • A technology specialist (Eclipse, DevOps tools, Cloud, …)
  • Skilled in business development

Or you have disruptive ideas, you might want to contact us !

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