Global leader in Aerospace, Transportation and Defense technology migrates from HP-UX to Linux using COBOL-IT.







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COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition



HP Servers

HPUX 11.11

XFrame 3.0

Oracle 9i

H2R 2.0



Linux X86 Servers


Oracle RDBMS 11g

XFrame 3.0



Micro Focus Server Express 4.0





Rehosting Competence Center Srl

Finsoft Srl

Aerospace Global Leader


A Global leader in Aerospace, Transportation and Defense technology migrated from HP-UX to Linux, upgraded their Oracle database, and moved their COBOL portfolio from Micro Focus to COBOL-IT in less than 3 months.  With the migration, they have better performance and better opportunities for modernization at less than half the cost.


“Increasingly, we are seeing global leaders, with multi-billion dollar revenue streams, recognizing that their modernization plans require them to change their COBOL vendor, and increasingly, we are seeing them select COBOL-IT.  This global leader in Aerospace, Transportation and Defense technology was able to complete their migration in less than 3 months with substantial savings.  That is the measure of success we seek at COBOL-IT.”

–Stephane Croce, CEO COBOL-IT

A Global leader in Aerospace, Transportation and Defense technology moves to COBOL-IT

A global leader in Aerospace, Transportation and Defense technology with over 2000 employees, and revenues exceeding 14.0 bn euros per year, has moved to COBOL-IT.

Their cutting-edge products and services meet the needs of commercial and government customers from around the world, spanning the space, defense, science and security markets.


The Software Application

The software application was migrated from the Mainframe to an HP-UX platform using Micro Focus COBOL in 2009.

The application consists of about 1000 COBOL programs, which included roughly 600 Online programs with 1000 screens, and 400 Batch programs.  The application connected to an Oracle 10g database using Pro*COBOL.

There was an important strategic need to modernize the platform on which they were running their legacy software, and they elected to move to an architecture deploying clustered servers in a Linux Redhat environment, while upgrading their Oracle database.


The Decision to use COBOL-IT

When evaluating the potential for cost savings, it was evident that it would be worthwhile to examine alternatives to their COBOL solution.  They determined that COBOL-IT provided full compatibility with their Micro Focus solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The migration to COBOL-IT was completed in less than 3 months with the ready availability and close collaboration of the HTWC technical staff, the Rehosting Competence Center Srl, and Finsoft Srl.



ChallengeSolutionCustomer Benefits
Need to modernize an aging platformRe-host the application on a Linux platform, upgrade the Oracle database, and migrate to COBOL-ITLower costs of ownership and maintenance free up capital that can be used to provide better Customer
High costs of new COBOL licensesReplace Micro Focus with COBOL-ITOpens Modernization potential without unpredictable price increases
No changes to COBOLReplace Micro Focus with COBOL-ITChange is transparent to users
Short time window to perform migrationConfirm ability to hit short time window with COBOL-IT technical assessmentUsers benefit from the increased agility of Global leader in Aerospace, Transportation and Defense technology, and lower cost of ownership of the COBOL provider


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