COBOL-IT Frequently Asked Questions

 Here you will find most of the answers to your questions


Who do I send a purchase order to?

Send all Sales requests and questions about your order to and copy


I prefer electronic invoicing, how do I arrange this?

Please send your request along with email address of the recipient to be invoiced to:


What is a serial number?

Serial Numbers work as a fingerprint for both the account managers and the customers themselves.

A serial number allows us to record the unique and individual information for each individual license purchased by each customer. Some of the information we are able to pull from the serial number include:

  • The End User Company – highlighting location of the license
  • The Bill To Company – resellers / partners/system integrators
  • The SKU / Product description
  • The number of users / total cores/CPUs – including any reductions or additional users
  • Additional features or functions
  • The licensing model (concurrent, named etc)
  • The version used
  • What support incidents the customer has raised against this license
  • The entire purchasing history from the day of the first purchase through updates, additional users, maintenance renewals, consultancy etc.
  • The Operating System where the license is installed
  • Access to the license key /file
  • Maintenance contract dates


Where do I send technical questions or report product issues?

These should be raised to through your personal account.


I have a question about my license keys, who do I contact? and


I’ve received an email from Micro Focus Distribution, what does it mean?

Micro Focus usually distribute license keys and products through an Electronic Product Download site, also known as EPD. As part of the product ordering process, you will automatically receive emails providing you access to the EPD site. COBOL-IT products will continue to be serviced and delivered through the website. If you have no other products from Micro Focus, you can safely ignore these emails.