Electric utility in Colorado moves from Micro Focus to COBOL-IT



Electric Utility



Customer Information and Billing System



COBOL-IT® Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition

COBOL-IT® Developer Studio



HP 9000 (PARISC)

HP-UX 11.23

Micro Focus COBOL

Oracle 10

Oracle 11g





EHP Itanium

HP-UX 11.23

COBOL-IT Compilerv Suite Enterprise Edition

COBOL-IT Developer Studio

Oracle 10

Oracle 11g





ESI Services, LLC (ESI)



A Colorado-based electric utility moved its Customer Information and Billing system to HP Itanium servers with COBOL-IT in less than four months.

With over 200 employees, the electric utility generates over $180m USD in annual revenues. During an upgrade of its operating platforms, the utility was confronted with increases in the price of its Micro Focus COBOL and was forced to evaluate alternatives. The core billing application consists of COBOL programs which use Pro*COBOL to interact with Oracle 10 and Oracle 11g databases.

Requirements included reducing costs, preserving functionality, testing for identical results, and matching or improving performance. With the support provided by ESI Services, LLC (ESI), and with the high level of compatibility and performance of the COBOL-IT compiler, the utility was able to reconstruct its solution stack on an HP Itanium platform with the Red Hat Linux seamlessly with COBOL-IT Compiler Suite and execute a detailed test plan in just 4 months.

The costs of full implementation and the COBOL-IT yearly subscription combined were less than the cost of one year of licenses with Micro Focus

“In this case, the client had to upgrade its HP-UX operating platform and was faced with very high re-licensing fees from Micro Focus. COBOL-IT’s longstanding partnerships with HP and Oracle resulted in a very low-cost, low-risk move to COBOL-IT.”

Dave Murphy, Managing Partner, ESI


ChallengeSolutionCustomer Benefits
Unacceptably high re-licensing fees imposed by Micro FocusReplace Micro Focus compiler with COBOL-IT compilerBe agile and conquer new markets - worldwide
Solution stack including COBOL, "C", Oracle, and Oracle pre-compilersReconstruct solution stack on HP Itanium platform with Red Hat Linux seamlessly with COBOL-IT Compiler SuitePreserve functionality and performance on a newer hardware platform.
Execute detailed test planEngaged support of ESI technicians experienced in COBOL-IT migrations100% preservation of functionality. ROI realized upon completion of migration


About ESI Services

ESI Services, LLC (ESI) is the COBOL-IT distribution and technical support center for North American operations. ESI was originally founded in 1973 in Tallahassee, Florida, as a provider of tools and services to users of Burroughs equipment. Over its 42+ years in North and South America as well as in Europe, ESI has grown and evolved as a provider of IT-based business solutions, particularly in the area of COBOL and the migration-conversion of COBOLbased systems to current technology.

Our successful experience includes building over 30 awardwinning products as well as hundreds of varied application development and migration / conversion projects, from small to multi-million dollar projects, all centered around best-in-class project management and testing methodology to insure on-time, on-budget results meeting or exceeding our customers’ goals.

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