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CRESET S.p.A. moved their Credit Collection Software Application from IBM Mainframe to COBOL-IT in less than 9 months, preserving 100% functionality and improving performance while achieving cost savings of over 50%.

“When it became evident that we could operate our revenue collection software application using COBOL-IT with no changes to the source code at a fraction of the cost we were paying, we decided to make the change. COBOL-IT team was very helpful and the project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget.”
Gabriele Cristantielli – CEO CRESET S.p.A.


With headquarters in Milan, CRESET S.p.A. is jointly owned by Fire Groupe
S.p.A. and Crédito Valtellinese Bank S.p.A. and provides revenue collection services in over 500 municipalities.
CRESET specializes in the collection of local tax and non-tax revenues, on behalf of more than 150 public administrations. CRESET has a history of investing in modern technologies to provide the best possible service to their users.
CRESET has recently received authorization to implement liquidation
activities as well as fiscal evaluations for the recovery of taxes and other revenues from provinces and municipalities. CRESET manages over
5,720,000.00 € in accordance with Italian laws.
CRESET has branch offices throughout the country.


The CRESET ASER Software Solution

The CRESET software application (ASER under e-SED trademark) is designed to manage revenue collections, produce collection alerts, manage inversions and provide reporting functions. The ASER software application is aligned with laws pertaining to tax collection and debt collection, providing a framework for classifying the status of the revenue collection and the steps being taken to achieve a successful revenue collection from a delinquent account. The software is designed to balance the rights of the debtor with the rights of the collection agency and provide reports which can be used to evaluate the status of debt collections underway.
The ASER software application was originally developed on an IBM
Mainframe using IBM COBOL and had never been migrated to Open
Systems. CRESET required a re-hosting of their Mainframe application, in which the software maintained its functionality, with minimum modifications to the source code.
Using HTWC’s XFRAME Technologies, 3300 modules were migrated and
close to 2400 DB2 tables. The ASER application includes online programs, calling COBOL programs and batch programs, all of which consist of multiple modules. The ASER application used both VSAM indexed files and DB2 databases on the Mainframe.
Scalling COBOL programs and batch programs, all of which consist of
multiple modules. The ASER application used both VSAM indexed files and
DB2 databases on the Mainframe.

In Open Systems, the CICS subsystem is emulated by HTWC’s XFRAME
technologies, the Mainframe DB2 databases were move to DB2 LUW.
The ASER application is maintained by a team of developers and IT
personnel using HTWC and COBOL-IT Suite tools. The software is used inhouse and deployed to over 250 municipalities.


The Decision to use COBOL-IT

After reviewing the costs projected for continuing to host their revenue
collection software application on the Mainframe, CRESET recognized that
they needed to consider lower cost alternatives. Requirements included
ease of migration, high performance and interoperability with all the
elements in their Solution Stack. Using HTWC XFRAME technologies,
COBOL-IT provided the best solution at the best possible price.
CRESET was introduced to COBOL-IT by COBOL-Italy with HTWC technologies.

The integration of COBOL-IT with the XFRAME technologies guaranteed a
very high level of compatibility and a low-risk migration. COBOL-IT’s
subscription-based pricing, high performance and interoperability were all important differentiators.

The Challenges

The challenges included transitioning hardware from the Mainframe to
Enterprise Linux, the data migration from Mainframe DB2 to DB2 LUW, the
migration of JCL to Linux scripts, the mapping of IBM COBOL options to
COBOL-IT compiler flags and runtime environment variables.
HTWC technologies are designed to ease the migration of CICS
applications to HTWC XFRAME using COBOL-IT. COBOL-IT is certified with the HTWC XFRAME toolset, so there were no difficulties with this aspect of the Migration.
HTWC personnel handled all of the challenges, with the help of e-SED, one
of their preferred Migration Partners. COBOL-IT personnel were highly
responsive and there were no unexpected technical challenges.

The HTWC toolset is a very effective way to migrate a CICS Application to an Enterprise Linux platform using COBOL-IT. With very high levels of Compatibility, Performance and Interoperability, COBOL-IT was able to successfully replace CRESET’s revenue collection application quickly and position them with a platform for Agile IT and Digital Business Enablement.”
Stephane Croce, CEO of COBOL-IT

“The COBOL-IT team and our HTWC team are used to work together and know each other’s product suites very well. They all are very responsive and have a good cohesion, which is the key to the success of our common projects.”
Mauro Manzato, Sales Manager HTWC

ChallengeSolutionCustomer Benefits
Re-host mission-critical
applications with minimal impact
on operations and user
Migration of Online and Batch
applications to CentOS 6.8 Linux,
DB2 LUW database, XFRAME
HTWC and COBOL-IT Compiler
Suite Enterprise Edition.
1) The application is in-house and
is managed directly by CRESET
2) Significant cost savings with
elimination of high costs of
operating on the Mainframe
Maximize cost-savings through the
use of Open Source solutions
certified by IBM and HTWC.
Use the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite
Enterprise Edition
Ensures interoperability with all of
the elements of the Customer’s
Solution Stack, including DB2 and

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