Axway Moves Accounting Integration Suite to Open Source Platform

Partnership with COBOL-IT Enables Axway Solution to become “Full C”, Lowering Customer Costs and Simplifying Installation and Maintenance.

Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW) and COBOL-IT have signed an OEM agreement allowing Axway, the Business Interaction Networks company, to use COBOL-IT’s open source solutions with their software suite Accounting Integration Suite.

With this global agreement, Axway has begun using the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition with its accounting integration suites partly written in COBOL.
COBOL-IT’s open source solutions allow Axway’s customers an attractive alternative to their previous COBOL vendors. This partnership agreement upgrades Accounting Integration Suite to a “full C” solution on open platforms.

Axway Accounting Integration Suite is delivered fully functional, using COBOL-IT Open Source Solutions. Users no longer need to install COBOL on their open platforms (including Unix and Windows sys-
tems), resulting in lower costs, and easier installation and maintenance of the software at end-user sites.

“Our Accounting Rule Engine, was especially designed for high volume and performance. It is critical and relevant in today’s technology environment,” said Laurent Menard, vice president advanced program, Axway. “This agreement with COBOL-IT allows us to continue to offer our customers the best software solutions available. We are able to provide a complete software solution that is easy to install and maintain while remaining cost effective.” The global OEM agreement provides Axway’s development teams with unlimited access to COBOL-IT solutions, including access to the COBOL-IT development team. Axway’s development center is covered by an OEM support contract which gives them access to COBOL-IT software, on all of the platforms on which COBOL-IT is currently available, including Unix and Windows systems.

“COBOL-IT stands out among providers of open source COBOL solutions with its structured, professional organization, built around certified solutions that have been validated by the industry leaders in the marketplace,” added Stephane Croce, CEO of COBOL-IT. “These factors are helpful when running an application such as Accounting Integration Suite, which requires high levels of reliability and performance.”

Axway Accounting Integration Suite solution is designed to help companies improve financial control, compliance and regulatory reporting in accounting integration field. With Accounting Integration Suite businesses can quickly and seamlessly integrate operational production systems with general ledgers, compliance-enabled reporting and financial monitoring systems. It has been widely adopted, and has achieved an excellent reputation, globally serving hundreds of customers in the Financial Services sector and mid and large sized corporations.

About Axway

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