COBOL-IT allows companies to migrate, deploy and maintain their legacy COBOL applications with minimal cost and minimal risk, offering a foundation for Agile IT and Digital Business Enablement.

Stéphane CROCE,

COBOL-IT is the first company to offer a high quality, professional COBOL compiler to large enterprises seeking to migrate, deploy and maintain their COBOL applications at the lowest cost and lowest risk.

Founded in 2008, COBOL-IT has rapidly assumed a position of leadership in the global COBOL community, migrating hundreds of customers, with hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of millions of lines of COBOL code.

With a robust product suite and a proven migration process, the company provides solutions that allow clients to preserve the functionality of their strategic COBOL applications, with superior performance, agility and a significant reduction in costs. Technical Hubs located around the world allow COBOL-IT to guarantee that all of our clients have access to expert, responsive technical support. Partnership agreements between COBOL-IT and the leading providers of technical services and software solutions in Open Systems ensure that moving to COBOL-IT can be accomplished at low cost and low risk everywhere in the world.

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