COBOL-IT is the first company offering an enterprise-class Open Source
COBOL Compiler with a wide range of Premium Professional Services

COBOL-IT Compiler Suite


COBOL-IT Compiler Suite successfully passed almost 100% of COBOL ANS85, ANS89 and ANS93 tests distributed by "Information Technology Laboratory" and the NIST "National Institute of Standards and Technology" (for more information click here).

During recent benchmark tests, COBOL-IT demonstrated performance levels equal to or even greater than its competitors. COBOL-IT complies with the strict COBOL usage standards required by large companies that are uncompromising in terms of respecting standard, reliability and performance.

The compiler is usable freely but must comply with "GNU General Public License" licence terms.

The runtime is usable freely but must comply with "GNU Lesser General Public License" licence terms (for more information, click here).

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