COBOL-IT is the first company offering an enterprise-class Open Source
COBOL Compiler with a wide range of Premium Professional Services


COBOL-IT Compiler Suite


COBOL-IT Compiler Suite successfully passed 100% of COBOL ANS85 tests distributed by "Information Technology Laboratory" and the NIST "National Institute of Standards and Technology" (for more information click here).

The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite includes the following extensions:

An interactive COBOL debugger
A "Crash Dump" function was added to manage memory buffers after an abnormal processing event.
A “Profiling” function was added to fine tune COBOL-IT applications
Improved extensions and compiler functions such as the External File Handler (EXTFH) and the Callable Sort Module (EXTSM)
Improved Micro Focus compatibility for an easier move to COBOL-IT
Improved compatibility with Windows: Use of Microsoft VC++, native call interface implementation, etc.
An Integrated Pre-processor Interface
A Debugging Options for original or pre-compiled source code
Checkpoint & Restore function support
Thread Safe support
CITSORT support (with the Enterprise Edition)




Performance and Reliability

During recent benchmark tests, COBOL-IT demonstrated performance levels equal to or better than its competitors. COBOL-IT complies with the strict COBOL usage and reliability standards required by professional software product companies.

Third Party Compatibility


Oracle Pro*COBOL: provides access to Oracle data bases from COBOL-IT applications,

IBM UDB/DB2 Precompiler: provides access to DB2 data bases from COBOL-IT applications,

Syncsort: COBOL-IT applications can include the high performance sort routines from Syncsort and replace the default sort module,

COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is certified with Oracle Tuxedo: COBOL-IT applications using the Oracle transactional monitor to manage critical COBOL applications.

COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is now certified with XFRAME, the transactional monitors from HTWC for managing CICS transactions on Open Systems.

Native SQL Precompilers usable with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server are now available as separate products.

COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is now available on zLinux platforms.


The following improvements are scheduled for this year:

Graphical User Interface Extension

JAVA, SOA and Web Services integration

And much more!