COBOL-IT is the first company offering an enterprise-class Open Source
COBOL Compiler with a wide range of Premium Professional Services

COBOL-IT announces the opening of the
COBOL-IT Community Website at

The COBOL-IT Community Website is provided for users who are interested in the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Community Edition.

It provides an interface for the Download of the Open Source code for the COBOL-IT Community Version, Getting Started documentation specific to the our Community Version, and a Forum.

Please note that these Download and Forum functionalities are no longer being managed at the COBOL-IT Website


Your Future With COBOL-IT


From the beginning, our goal at COBOL-IT has been to become the leading provider of COBOL compilers for the business community. We’re greatly encouraged with the results of the last year, where we have seen increases in commercial activity among clients in the area of Enterprise Application Modernization, as well as among large Corporate End-Users and ISV’s drawn to the COBOL-IT value proposition.
What we are seeing increasingly is that large enterprises want an alternative COBOL compiler. They have seen the COBOL-IT success stories, know what is involved in transitioning their COBOL compiler, and want to work with COBOL-IT. This has kept our commercial teams very busy.
As we prepare our Fall releases, it’s natural to reflect on how these successes will benefit us all as we continue to work on projects together in the future. Every project that results in a successful transition to COBOL-IT, makes future projects easier, and more cost-effective for all our clients.

The COBOL-IT Product Suite now includes the Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition, version 3.6, the Developer Studio, version 1.6, and CitSQL version 1.1. Together, these releases will reduce the cost of your Move to Open Source with COBOL-IT, and reduce the costs of the continuing development, and maintenance of your COBOL applications.

While you get ready for your Summer break, here, at COBOL-IT we will continue to work on the upcoming versions of all of our products. New developments in our Product Suite will be introduced by Bob Cavanagh, our Director of Technical Services.




In October, COBOL-IT will also be introducing a new COBOL-IT Community Website. The Community website includes a more secure Forum area, a download areas for the

Community Version of the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite, the latest versions of our Getting Started documentation, and other resources. The COBOL-IT Community Website will provide users of the Open Source Community Version of the COBOL-IT Compiler an area to share insights, ask and respond to questions, and make contributions to the Community Version of the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite.

In October, we will also be introducing a new COBOL-IT Enterprise Website for users of the Enterprise Editions of our software products. The Enterprise Website includes a greater range of technical documentation, easy access to downloads, and an improved bug-tracking system. Our aim is both to expand available content and facilitate downloads, and access to the tiered support systems which we are providing to our Enterprise-Class Customers.



For over five years now, we have been enhancing the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition to meet the needs of Customers and Partners. We now count among our Customers industry leaders in the Financial and Commercial sectors, as well as large ISVs servicing Fortune 500 companies. We are also expanding a solid base of Medium and Small Enterprises, and ISVs around the World.

To the entire COBOL-IT Community, we wish you safe travels, and a happy, and relaxing summer vacation! COBOL-IT is working hard to improve every aspect of our Products and Services. We are looking forward to providing you with superior value, and superior support through your current, and future COBOL projects.



  Stephane Croce

News / Events
Oct 15, 2012

COBOL-IT and Bull announce the availability of the COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition with the Bull LiberTP transactional environment. The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is a complete environment consisting of a development environment and a COBOL compiler.

Apr 7, 2012

COBOL-IT and Metrixware have signed a strategic partnership agreement and are working together on the Cobos offloading solution, which is now based on COBOL-IT, the only Open Source COBOL offering enterprise-class professional services.

Jan 30, 2012

Partnership with COBOL-IT Enables Axway Solution to become “Full C”, Lowering Customer Costs and Simplifying Installation and Maintenance

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In the weeks and months ahead, we will use this space to highlight our achievements, and keep you up to date on new developments. Our aim is to open a channel of communication with you, and we hope you will let us know what you think, and what you need. You may address an email to me personally at

Stéphane Croce
President, COBOL-IT